Our Policies

Yoga teaches students a lot about themselves mentally in the midst of working the body physically.  One of the primary principles of this practice is discipline. Yoga is a very personal practice, but creating a positive practice experience for everyone is a group effort. We support our teachers and staff in holding both students and each other accountable to the guidelines below:

Be on Time

We respect our students by starting and ending class on time.  Please respect your practice and your fellow yogis by being on time.  Arriving late disrupts the focus of both students and teachers.  Please respect your teachers and your fellow students by being in the classroom before the class begins.  We never want to disrupt anyone’s focused class vibes. Give yourself a few minutes before class to lay down on your mat to calm your mind and body.  The studio will be open 30 minutes prior to and close 30 minutes after each class.  At the end of class, please time your showering and grooming accordingly after class.  For security and safety reasons, we do not allow anyone in the studio lobby or locker room while class is in session.

** New Students  -  Please arrive at least 20 – 25 minutes before class. **

To learn more about how to prepare for your first class, please visit our New Student page.

Age Limit

We welcome any student age 15 and older with Parent or Guardian.  You must be at least 16 years old to take a heated class.  All minors (under 18) must have a parent waiver signed prior to practicing (the parent or guardian must sign the waiver in person at the front desk).  For liability and safety reasons, we do not allow anyone to wait in the studio lobby while students take class.

Personal Belongings, Cell Phone, & Keys

  • Please, no cell phones! Please finish your conversation outside before entering the building.  Also, please no photos in our facility. 
  • We provide lockers in the changing room for keys, cell phone, jackets, wallets, purses, etc.    However, you must bring your own lock.   
  • Please do not bring the following into the hot room:
    • Keys, wallets, purses, extra clothes, cell phones, iPhone watches, open containers or cups to pour beverages into (use water bottle). 

Before Class

  • Check in at the front desk first.
  • No Shoes, Gum, Cellphones, Wallets, or Keys in the class room.
  • For everyone’s safety, no glass bottles in the entire facility.
  • Bring only mat, towel and water bottle into the yoga room.Mat and towel are required to practice. Mat & Towel rentals are available for $2 each. We sell microfiber towels which works well staying put. Another option is the all in one Breathe mat.
  • Practice silence in the yoga room. No talking or whispering in the yoga room.  Our lobby is awesome for talking with friends.
  • In consideration of others, please keep your body and feet clean before entering the classroom and refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or strong scents.
  • No Hand towels, no socks, and no yoga props (blocks, straps) are used in Hot yoga.

In the Classroom

  • FRONT ROW is reserved only for the most disciplined students who serve as role models. If you have any injuries, or if you are not feeling well; set up in the back of the room on those days. The new people will look at you as guidance so only the most disciplined students in the front row.
  • Take care of yourself and take breaks when you need to by having a seat on your mat.
  • Stay in the room. Do your best to stay in the room during the entire class. 
  • Be mindful of your neighbor’s space and visibility in the mirror. If you are new, set up in the back of the room.
  • Practice stillness between postures. Honor the silent practice by moving quietly during the poses, as well as in between poses.
  • Please do not touch the equipment in the classroom for everyone’s safety (i.e. thermostat, windows, blinds, humidifiers, or mirrors).

After Class

  • Leave the room quietly. Gather up your belong­ings qui­etly and gently exit the room allowing others to enjoy final relaxation.    
  • Out of respect for your teacher and other students, your teacher should be the first person out of the room.  Honor yourself by staying in the room as long as you can in Savasana. This is the final relaxation posture where everyone can soak in all of the benefits of their practice.
  • Deposit all rental towels and mats in the bins provided in the lobby or in the changing rooms.

Locker Room

  • We do our best to keep our facility neat and clean, however, everyone can help maintain tidiness while using changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms.
  • Please place trash in the trash cans, towels and mats in the marked bins, and plastic water bottles in the blue recycling containers. 
  • Please limit your showers to less than 3 minutes. California is still in a drought. 

Lost and Found Items

WelaYoga is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  All items found will be held in our lost and found until the end of each week, then either discarded or donated to a charity. 

Other Things to Know

  • Refer your friends and be rewarded. Students are rewarded with Hot Bucks (store credit) for referring a brand new student and they buy the Intro Month Pass on their first visit (make sure your friends list your name specifically under “How did you hear about us?” on their registration card in order to receive the credit). First and last name are required to receive credit. Ask about the details.

When buying a class package, please choose a pass that fits your schedule.
No Extensions, Transfers or Refunds.