About a 1.5 years ago I weighed 245 lbs.  I had a with a BMI of 45%. My medical diagnosis was MORBID OBESITY. I was a size 22.  I had not developed diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol problems, but I was well on my way to all of these things. I had frequent headaches and my lower legs would be numb by the end of the work day. I had trouble sleeping, I had carpal tunnel. I was miserable and in a very bad place in my life, both mentally and physically.
What I know about human behavior is this: We will change when the pain of remaining stagnant is greater than the pain of making a change.
I have never been a petite person and had managed my weight by staying active and eating right. I was into biking, swimming, aerobics, jogging, racquetball, cross country skiing, alpine skiing....you name it-I tried it!  I was an aerobics instructor (step) for 15 years! And then I dislocated my left knee in a ski accident in the Italian Alps and, well, that was a pivotal point for me. Gone were the days of racquetball, downhill skiing, even jogging. Anything that would torque the knee was out. At age 48, I had to get a TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT (yes, I have a titanium knee!). Post surgery was hard, physical therapy was painful, I was in a major funk and on major drugs. The weight gradually came on and I felt powerless to do anything about it. About 18 months ago, my medical Doctor referred me to a weight management program and that was the nudge I needed to get back on track. I was finally the path to take care of my health and my life. With the support of others in my weight class, I began to watch what I was eating and began mild exercise...like walking for 15 minutes a day. I had to lose 30 pounds before I wanted to exercise at all.
In April 2010, I stumbled upon Bikram Yoga quite by accident....but then, nothing is really an accident, is it?  I had noticed the neon red sign "Bikram Yoga" in Rancho Bernardo every morning when I drove to work, but I didn't know what Bikram Yoga was. At that point I had lost about 90 pounds and, although I was biking, I was looking for something more challenging to my body.  I decided to check it out. I thought yoga was just standing pretty for 30 seconds at a time with soft music in the background.  How could that be a workout?
Well, as any of you know who have taken even one class, it is an AMAZING workout. Since May of 2010, I have done a Bikram class almost every day. I think I maybe have missed 7 classes in all of that time. It is like medicine.  It helps me to maintain my weight now (after a total 105 pound weight loss) and has helped with muscle tone. It is not just the physical aspect of Bikram Yoga that is so wonderful--it is the mental aspect as well.  It teaches you to never give up, try your best, be patient, compete only with yourself...and my favorite "Just because you can't do a pose right now doesn't mean you will never be able to do it." What a life lesson THAT is!
I tell all of my friends, family and colleagues about Bikram Yoga.
Several of them have come to class with me and continue to do this yoga on a regular basis.
I am a size 8 now.
This yoga has changed my life. When I miss a day, I feel like something is not right.
This yoga works and I know how fortunate I am to have found it....and the great community of instructors and fellow Yogis who are in the hot room too!