When I started practicing Bikram on December 5th, I weighed over 260 pounds. Today, I weigh 232. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m confident I’ll get there. I’m 45 years old, but for a long time I felt like I was ten years older. Now, I actually feel younger, more energetic, healthier and happier.

Here’s a list of the positive changes that I’ve experienced in just four short months: 

Lower weight, Body reshaping/Better fitting clothes, Better strength, better flexibility, Lower and more stabilized blood sugar, Lower cholesterol, Better HDL/LDL ratio, Lower blood pressure, Lower BMI, Lower body fat %, Better blood chemistry levels , Better lung capacity
Lower resting heart rate ,Less acid reflux ,Better sleep patterns, More mental clarity,Lower stress levels, More energy, More stamina, Better eating habits, Better hydration ,Body detoxification (through sweating), Better mood, More joie de vivre!!!!!!

To all of the wonderful instructors (permanent and guest) from Bikram Yoga Rancho Bernardo, thank you for saving my life.

(This testimonial was given in April 2010.  Jim completed his 365 day challenge and has been attending yoga classes on a regular basis.  GOOD JOB JIM!)

Jim L.