My name is Ming and I started practice Bikram Yoga at Rancho Bernardo School April of 2010.  Even though, the first week practices were tough (felt I'd pass-out), but I liked the challenge and felt great afterwards.  I regularly come to the practice 3 times a week if I am not on travel.  Generally speaking, I am in good health, but I have family history of high blood pressure and have been taking medication for many years – 20 mg of Linsinopril daily.  After several months of my practice, I noticed that my blood pressure came down sufficiently such that I cut the medication to 10mg, which my physician agreed with at my annual check-up in Jan. 2011.
On March 2011, I went to China for 3-1/2 weeks and I missed my hot yoga very much.  I came back to the Yoga school right after my long flight from China plus the 2-hour drive from LA to San Diego.  The practice helped me in coping with the jetlag and the respiratory problems I got in China.  Since I missed much of my practices, I signed up for the April 30-day challenge: that is, hot yoga everyday for the entire month of April.  During that practice, my blood pressure went down even further.  For a week, I did not need any medication.  That is "Wow" to me.  And I am glad that I completed the 30 day challenge without missing a day of practice.  Right now, I am back to my old routine, 3 - 4 times a week.  Although, I am still taking the Linsinopril medication but it is down to 5mg.  I decided to share my experiences at our beautiful Rancho Bernardo Bikram Yoga school so, perhaps, someone else would share his/her’s.