I just completed the 30 Day Challenge and would like to thank the entire staff at Bikram Yoga RB for such a great experience as all of the instructors were so supportive throughout the entire 30 days.  I really enjoyed going to the studio every day, the studio is always immaculately clean and I love the windows in the back of the room overlooking the trees.


I was nervous when I signed up for the Challenge since I had previously attended only a handful of classes and averaged only one to two classes per week.  All I could think about was how am I going to get through 30 days.  Despite my apprehension I committed and completed the Challenge while learning something new every day.  I now understand the reasons why I should commit to a regular Bikram Yoga practice.  Throughout the Challenge, I lost 10 lbs and almost 3% body fat, I feel stronger and more flexible and noticed I now crave healthier foods.  Most importantly, I like to run half marathons but when I run over 8-9 miles I feel constant pain in my knees for at least 3 days and have difficulty going up and down stairs.  Since completing this challenge this pain has completely gone away.  I just completed a 15 mile run last weekend and felt like I could run the following day; this is all due to Bikram Yoga.  It has increased the strength and flexibility in my legs so I no longer have to feel these aches and pains.  After each class I feel like I just received a full body massage and no longer need to go to the chiropractor.


I believe Bikram Yoga is the best all around workout.  It builds strength, increases your flexibility, and is a great cardiovascular workout and meditation session all in one.  I look forward to continuing to practice Bikram Yoga and can’t wait to see where it will take me in the future."

Erin M.