Frequently Asked Questions

Increases strength, flexibility & stamina. Normalizes body weight. Reduce stress, anxiety, depression & fatigue. Lower blood pressure. Improves circulation & respiration. Reduce symptoms of many chronic diseases. Improves concentration. Compliments performance in other sports. Relieves neck and back pain Improves self esteem.
The Beginner’s class consists of 26 postures, performed in the same sequence each time. Our yoga classes will have students of all levels of experience, including beginners. Your balance, strength, and flexibility will come with practice.
Hot Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. A heated room for yoga practice will warm your muscles and allow you to work deeper and safer.The heat helps to prevent injuries and promotes sweating which flushes toxins from the body. The elevated temperature also helps the body to metabolize fat and eliminate toxins.
Practice everyday if possible. A minimum of three times a week with no long lapses between sessions. Be consistent. We recommend 10 classes in a 30 day period as a minimum to derive maximum benefits.
This is the most common misconception about yoga. Yoga is not just about flexibility. With regular practice, your body will learn how to gain more flexibility. You will find that your body and mind will undergo a wonderful metamorphosis.
Not a problem. You’ll be instructed on how to relax on your towel in a quiet and still manner so as not to disturb the other students’ practice. Keep in mind that your body will gradually acclimate over a number of classes. The first class is always an experience - just take it as it comes, and see where it leads.
It is not unusual to feel nauseous or dizzy during your first class. Practicing yoga in a heated room reveals to us our present condition, and inspires us take much better care of ourselves. Usually the problem is that we do not drink enough water for daily living, let alone for exercising in a heated room. Nutritionists tell us that we need 64-96 ounces of water a day to help the body function properly. In the heated yoga room, your body needs an adequate fund of water to allow perspiration to release heat from the body as you practice. So we estimate you need another 64-96 ounces (drunk throughout the day) to allow for your 90 minutes in the room. Once you are drinking enough water your body will tolerate the heat better and you will actually enjoy the heat.
Muscle soreness is a build up of lactic acid. The best way to get rid of the lactic acid is stretching. It may seem hard to believe that coming back for more will help, but it is the best way to relieve the soreness. If you wait too long to come back you will be starting all over again.
It takes more than a hot room and postures to make your Hot Yoga practice a safe, rewarding experience. Hot Yoga is a specialized form of yoga, requiring appropriate training and knowledge to teach it effectively. All of WelaYoga’s instructors are Bikram Certified Instructors. Bikram Choudhury, the creator of Bikram Yoga, personally trains and certifies his instructors to ensure that his methods and philosophy are preserved and properly taught. To be certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor, an instructor must complete an intensive nine-week training requiring over 500 hours of study. Bikram Yoga Rancho Bernardo is guided only by Certified Instructors to provide our students with the best possible instruction in the Bikram Method.