Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga Class is a twenty-six asana series designed to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the order in which they should be stretched.


90 minutes HOT

Hot Yoga Express

Hot Yoga series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in the heated room, but shorter, only 60-65 minutes. This class is great for those short on time, but not a replacement for our full 90-minute class.


65 minutes HOT

Inferno Hot Pilates™

INFERNO HOT PILATES is a full-body workout with jamming beats! The class incorporates Pilates principles of breath awareness and mindfulness, combined with heat, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and Tabata (4 minutes of low impact exercise equal to 45 minutes of cardio). This low-impact exercise will strengthen your whole body and is safe and supportive for all levels, beginner to advanced. Within a few classes you will notice the benefits of weight loss, improved muscle strength and definition, as well as increased coordination and decreased stress levels. Prepare to challenge yourself to a new level, listen to your body, pay attention to your breath, and have fun!


60 minutes HOT

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow practice of gently stretching the connective tissue of the body to increase lubrication of the joints, increase range of motion and energy flow within the body, and to decrease tension and chronic pain. By holding poses for extended periods of time, (generally 2-5 minutes, mostly seated and lying down poses) we create the opportunity for deep connection with ourselves and our bodies, unwinding long held tensions.


60 minutes Warm – No Heat