We opened our doors nearly 10 years ago on May 2, 2009. Since then, we have met so many wonderful people. Many of you have been with us for nearly the entire journey. THANK YOU for your loyalty.


We took pride in being a yoga studio "where everyone knows your name." Our students were never just another client to us and never thought of as an upsell opportunity. Every student had a history. Some came in for weight loss, or to find relief for bad knees, back, shoulders, etc.


We enjoyed hearing how the yoga has saved you or how it has changed your life. We do what we do, with the very best intentions, and we teach yoga with integrity and love.


We have exhausted all possibilities to try to keep the studio open; however, we could not compete with all the mega yoga centers, whose business model is to be the Starbucks of yoga, engulfing the "mom & pop" studios like ours. All we wanted to do, is for you to leave our studio feeling good, inside out, bones to skin.


The studio will close on February 23, 2019. Thank you to all the lovely yogis who came to our last class. It meant a lot to me to have you in the hot room.


In the Hawaiian language, Aloha means Love, Greeting, and Goodbye. The next time you hear 'Aloha,' think of how much we love you, how delighted we were to have greeted you and have met you, and sadly, how much it hurts us to say Goodbye to our wonderful ohana.


We encourage you all to continue your yoga journey. We believe that studio should be run by Qualified Certified Teachers. Not all studios that offer Bikram yoga are run by owners or teachers who are Certified by Bikram Yoga or Yoga Alliance.

It has truly been a pleasure to serve you all!